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In addition to vintage ensembles, classy accessories, and distinctive tastes in pretty much everything, hipsters often rock the flashiest hairstyles to match their unique sense of style. Hipster haircut ideas hardly conform to just one or two hair trends. They combine the classic and sophisticated looks with edgy modern hair trends to create haircuts that are irresistibly good-looking.

Compared to other hairstyles, hipster haircut ideas are a lot more flexible and borrow from almost all types of hairstyles. Whether you prefer the edgy Mohawk, the gentlemanly pompadour, the stylish fohawk, or even a more subtle taper fade haircut, the hipster version is probably a lot better than what you would ordinarily get.

#1 Hipster Pompadour

Hipster Pompadour haircut

This pompadour hipster hairstyle is all about the right balance between soft edges and crisp lines. The styling of the hair on top is absolutely a show-stopper especially against the backdrop of the crisply razor-faded sides that merge excellently with the stubbly cheeks and jawline. Leaving the mustache on definitely adds some class to this look which is as suitable for formal occasions as it is for a casual everyday look.

#2 Fohawk with Asymmetrical Part

Fohawk hairstyle

Playing with the orientation of your side part can go a long way to enhance the final outcome of your haircut. This flashy fohawk gets its kick from the expert taper fade on the sides and the nicely styled locks on top. To add a little flair, the side part has been moved a little higher to create edgier contrasts between the curly locks on top and the faded sides. Leaving a nicely trimmed beard adds a tastefully macho touch to the excellent hipster hairstyle.

#3 Hipster Fade Haircut

Hipster Fade hairstyle

Even without going above and beyond, you can still pull off some pretty amazing hipster hairstyles. This is one of the low profile looks you can go for. All you need to do is throw in some sleek low razor fades at the sides to merge your hair with your beard via well-trimmed sideburns. If your beard grows in a bit patchy at the cheeks, take this opportunity to give it a fade as well in order to achieve a neat casual look that would look just as good in a suit.

#4 Edgy Hipster Mohawk

Edgy Hipster Mohawk haircut

If you decide to go all out, this is the look you should be gunning for. The curly Mohawk is a look that takes a bit of gut to rock. It, however, looks especially good when paired with a nice thick beard with finely trimmed edges. The mustache finishes the look with a touch of sophistication that adds more character to the haircut.

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