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There comes a time when your son isn’t a baby anymore. That’s the time when you should start examining the different toddler boy haircuts. But the little guys are becoming more choosy and serious when it comes to their hairstyles. That said, you need to give them a haircut that’s more trendy. To help you out, we present 32 trendy toddler boy haircuts that have topped the chart in 2017!

#1 Short Disconnected Mohawk with Buzzed Sides

Short Disconnected Mohawk - Toddler Boy Haircut

Prior to styling, go for a fresh shower followed by a towel dry until the hair is slightly damp. Leave about 3 inches of hair from the front to the nape of the neck and settle for a buzz cut on the sides. Apply pomade to the long hair and make a comb part across the crown to disconnect the top from the back. Tease the front into a quiff and finish with a razor outline along the temple.

#2 Fresh Pomp with Low Skin Fade

Fresh Pomp with Low Skin Fade - Toddler Boy Haircut

Keep the hair slightly damp and create a hard side part. Go for a buzzed cut on the sides and back letting it end in a low skin fade. Apply pomade wax at the top and use your fingers to press down on the hair giving it a sweep to one side. Tease the front to create a flirty deconstructed look and sport a fresh razor outline.

#3 Spiky Texture with Smooth Undercut

Spiky Texture - Toddler Boy Haircut

Texture the top of your medium hair and apply some wax prior to styling the strands into that spiky look. Settle for a lightly trimmed undercut that’s brushed into a smooth finish. Leave the hair to retain its natural outline and add some hairspray to let it set.

#4 Messy Afro with Temple Fade

Messy Afro with Temple Fade - Toddler Boy Haircut

This style works for natural African hair. Style the hair into a messy coarse afro using your fingers. Settle for a fresh temple fade to add more edge to the haircut. Make a razor outline along the forehead and the temple for a cleaner finish.

#5 Disconnected Top Knot with Buzzed Fade

Disconnected Top Knot - Toddler Boy Haircut

This is a cool idea for blonde boys with long hair. Start off with a circular part that separates the top from the sides. Make it a complete circle ensuring to leave about 1-inch from the forehead. Sport a short buzz on the sides and back letting it end in a low skin fade. Grab the long top and hold into a ponytail positioned at the crown. Wrap the base with a hair band to create a high knot and finish by curling the tips using a curling wand.

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