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Little boy haircuts come in many styles. Find the right one by following this guide to the many looks that are out there.

Cute haircut for a toddler boy can make all the difference in making a child feel confident and cool. Many styles are available, from a faux hawk to a pompadour and beyond. Most styles sport short sides and slightly longer hair on top. Keeping a cut trimmed and maintained makes for a neat and clean look no matter the length.

Personality often dictates what hairstyle is chosen by a youngster. For example, a more adventurous boy might prefer a faux hawk or Mohawk. A child with more conservative tendencies might prefer a traditional crew cut style. The right cut makes all the difference.

Infographics About Little Boy Haircuts:

Cute Little Boy Haircuts - Infographics

#1 Braided Top Knot with Temple Fade

Toddler Boy Haircuts - Braided Top Knot with Temple Fade

Combining convenience with style, this cut features short sides and a long top. Braid the longer hair on top in a fancy pattern for extra personality. To finish, pull hair on top into a small man bun to top off the style.

#2 Slick Combover With Side Part

Cute Little Boy Haircuts - Slick Comb Over with Side Part

Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm, and George Clooney all wear variations of this slick comb-over with a side part. The haircut is made up of a low, mid or high fade cut on the sides and back. Longer hair is left on top, which can be combed over to create a side part and slicked back with some hair product.

#3 Pompadour with Side Part

Cute Little Boy Haircuts - Pompadour with Side Part

A great look for the kid who likes retro looks, this adorable haircut for a toddler boy is all about structure. Comb the longer hair at the crown of the head upward and away from the face. A hard side part makes this style look fresh.

#4 Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail - haircuts for little boys

Two French braids and ponytail is a really cute haircut for toddler boys. The hairstyle is simple to throw together. Just create two braids, and hold the ends in a ponytail. Little boy haircuts don’t have to be complicated. Cut the sides down to a fade to enhance the effect of the French braids.

#5 Brush Forward Haircut For Toddler Boys

Brush Forward Haircut For Toddler Boys

If you’re looking for little boy haircuts that are unique, then this is one of them. The hairstyle has attitude and faux volume, with a trendy brush forward style. Cut the top in layers and the sides down to a fade to ensure you get his playful side.

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