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#6 Wide Afro Mohawk With a Bald Fade

Wide Afro Mohawk With a Low Bald

Some people call this a Frohawk. The hair is trimmed slightly down to the neckline and can only work well with curly Afro hair. It can be cut short or long. The shave on the front and sides is faded to the temple and skinned around the ears.

#7 Mohawk Fade With Side Design

Mohawk Fade With Side Design

If a Mohawk isn’t edgy enough, just add a little color to give it highlights. The design and temple fade makes this haircut a really trendy haircut for African American hair. The natural curls are combed out to give this style more volume.

#8 Mid Fade textured Mohawk

Mid Fade textured Mohawk Haircut

This textured Mohawk hairstyle is combed forward and backward, and the sides are faded to the skin around the ear. The haircut is a modern Mohawk that is also made edgy with texturizer. It’s easy to style, just use a strong hold gel and air dry.

#9 Side Path With Taper Fade Mohawk

Taper Fade Mohawk With Deep Part

Perfect for work or play, you can wear this spiky Mohawk at night and style without spikes during the day time. This taper fade haircut can be styled into vertical spikes with a strong hold gel and is easy to manage. Simply add some hair product, comb your hair upward and dry.

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