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The pompadour haircut is a timeless, high-maintenance hairstyle with a long history. It was the dominant style back in the 18th century. This haircut has withstood the test of time to become the most effective and popular haircut for men this year. This contemporary men’s hairstyle is characterized by trimmed sides with heavier dimensions on top.

What is a Pompadour hairstyle?

The understanding of a pompadour is quite different from one person to another. This is because there are multiple variations that number to over 50. Today, most people associate the pompadour hairstyle with men. But strange as it sounds, this haircut originated as a look for females. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that it became a mainstream look for guys.

Today, the pompadour haircut has seen a resurgence. Generally, the pompadour has hair that’s combed upwards and backward in such a way that it makes a bulge. Guys across the world are now donning the look in many new exciting ways.

5 Most Trendy Pompadour Hairstyles

The pompadour haircut comes in many different variations. This depends on the hair type, hair volume, barber skill and other contributing factors. What’s more, there are different interpretations of the pompadour ranging from old school, classic to modern versions. It’s difficult to discuss all variations. For that reason, we’ve grouped the pompadour hairstyle into the 5 major types:

Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

The classic pompadour originated between the 1940s and 1950s. This haircut is regarded as the purest form of the pompadour featuring no hard part or fading. The hairstyle has good simple styling with high shine. Classic pompadour requires at least medium length hair (4-5 inches) with some thickness.

Faded Pompadour

Faded Pompadour Hairstyle

Faded pompadour represents a modern take on the pompadour, though it still retains the overall look of the classic style. The front and middle have the look of the original pompadour. The sides are faded to give the haircut more edge and create attention. Faded pompadour is best for medium to fine hair with medium length. A hard part can be added for extra edginess.

Line Up Pompadour


This is another classic take on the pompadour. It’s quite simple to achieve by combing the hair up and back while keeping it as flat as possible. Line up pompadour is best for soft conditioned hair with medium to fine thickness. The haircut has high shine with faded sides.

Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour Hairstyle

This haircut is for people who lack length but still desire to rock a pompadour. Due to the short length, it’s advisable to use strong hold pomade to keep the hair in shape. Short Pompadour is characterized by short top and faded sides with medium shine.

Loose Pompadour

Loose Pompadour Hairstyle

This style pays close resemblance to the short pompadour. However, it looks messier and has much more texture. The point is to make it heavy textured and less structured. This makes it a good choice for persons with a care-free attitude. This style requires longer length hair with medium or thick texture. Loose pomade is mostly styled using lay rite cement.

Several Steps to Styling Pompadour Haircut

The styling of the pompadour haircut varies depending on the type you want. However, we’ve done all we can to give a general idea on how to style a pompadour.

1. Dry the hair with a towel to about 80-90% dryness. But for loose pompadour, dry it completely with a blow dry.
2. Scoop pomade cream and apply generously on the hair. Choose a heavyweight pomade for classic, firm hold pomade for faded, water based pomade for short and slicked back and lay rite cement for loose.
3. Use deluxe comb for more defined style and shape
4. Comb up the front in such a way that it elevates higher than other parts
5. Trim and shape the sides based on the style you want and finish with hairspray to let it set

Why is Pompadour Haircut so Popular?

Most men across the world are donning the pompadour haircut because it works with many types of hair. What’s more, it provides a sophisticated and timeless look that has held its place for decades. Though it requires more patience to achieve, a pompadour hairstyle is definitely worth the wait.

Do you plan on rocking a pompadour but having a difficult time to get some ideas on how to do it? Get ready to be amazed by the trendy styling that has set the bar high for cool pompadour hairstyles of 2017. Below, we’ve compiled 40 inspirational ideas that will get your pompadour hairstyle always on point.

#1 Textured Pompadour with Buzzed Fade

Textured Pompadour with Buzzed Fade Haircut

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