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#6 Long Fringe with Low Fade

Long Fringe with Low Skin Fade

The low fading on the sides and back of this hairstyle is what makes the hairstyle achievable. Aside from the low fade, it also has a daring cut on the top that involves is front swept hair with a long fringe, giving the style a lift at the front.

#7 Ponytail Haircut with Low Fade

Temple Fade Top Knot

These types of cuts are for gentlemen that want to stay sharp. It requires leaving some long hair at the top that can is held as a bun, side swept or combed back. This style features a taper around the ponytail that fades low. It is easy to maintain and does not require any hair products.

#8 Brush Back with Undercut and Low Fade

Skin Fade Comb Over

The haircut is a brush back style with a sharp fade on the sides and back. This is a perfect combination that will look great on any man. The sharp neck fade looks great and grows in clean. To wear this hair, simply grow some hair on the top and get a sharp low fade.

#9 Textured Layers with Low Fade

Textured Taper Fade Haircut

This cut is a stylish way to manage the sides and back of thick hair. The taper starts at the top center of the head and swirls down to a low bald fade. The haircut will make you look groomed to perfection all the time.

A unique cut like this requires some serious skills to create and also includes an up-swept bang at the front.

#10 Quiff with Taper

Brush up with Taper Fade

Layered hair that is styled as a quiff is a good way to stay trendy. This haircut has a skin taper fade on the sides and back to enhance the design. Quiffs are one of the cutest hairstyles for men, and this is even more evident with great hair texture and volume. This style is fantastic and easy to replicate.

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