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#6 Side Comb Hair with Mid Bald Fade

Comb Over with Low Skin Fade

A side comb hairstyle is another way to tackle thinning hair. Side swept hair makes hair look fuller and is also stylish. In the picture, the model created a side pompadour with a side part. This style requires some medium hold gel to keep it upright all through the day.

#7 High Fade with Side Part

Widow Peak with High Skin Fade

This high fade haircut is a trendy side part hairstyle for men. The hair at the top is combed in two directions and gives it the appearance of a side combed quiff. The hair has a slick look and will require some hair pomade to keep it looking sophisticated. Slicked styles are a great way to spice up a regular haircut and add some polished flair to your style.

#8 Quiff and Fade with Part

Pompadour and Fade with Part

Combining a pompadour hairstyle and the flat top, this quiff with a side part is a crisp, modern and classy version of this standard haircut. It is the ultimate side combed quiff and can be achieved with short hair and some medium hold products. This look will suit any man and is perfect for any occasion. As a fashionable staple, this hairstyle can be achieved at home by simply combing the front of your hair forward and comb back in any direction you choose.

#9 Long Side Comb Hair with Side Part

Comb Over Fringe

The long side comb hairstyle works for medium to long hair. The haircut is perfect for men who can pull off tousled looks. Be sure to use a holding spray before drying your hair. Run your fingers through to give it a bit of texture. For a more refined finish, apply some texturizer and then comb or brush through with a wide tooth comb.

#10 Taper Fade with Side Swept Hair

Deep Parted Comb Over

A clean hair cut with fade and part on the side is perfect for work and play. Ideal for professional men or young men who are fashionable. You will need some light hold product to keep this hairstyle looking dapper all day.

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