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#6 Highlighted Textured Comb Over with Temp Fade

Highlighted Textured Comb Over haircut
Settle for tons of texture working it from the front to the crown. Give the sides an undercut that ends in a temple fade. Work your fingers along the textured top to create a raked look. Section the front and give it a slight sweep to one side. Give your comb over hairstyle a literal glow by sporting golden blonde highlights on the swept front.

#7 Deep Parted Textured Comb Over with Undercut

Deep Parted Textured Comb Over haircut
To achieve this edgy comb over hairstyle, start with a deep side part and sport an undercut. Keep the sides short to create the illusion of a long buzz. Add volume to the long top with a blow dry and settle for tons of texture. Apply pomade cream and pull the hair back away from the face. Using your fingers, create a sexy raked texture that sweeps diagonally to the back.

#8 Sculpted Comb Over with Low Skin Fade

Short Wavy Comb Over haircut
Start with a hard side part ensuring to let it cut through straight. Keep the sides fresh with a low skin fade-sporting some light texture to it. Apply lots of sculpture cream at the top and mold it in such a way that one-half sits low while the other half sits high. Complete with a clipper outline to add more edge to this haircut.

#9 Messy Textured Comb Over with Buzzed Sides

Messy Textured Comb Over haircut
Comb up the hair at the top and go on to give the sides and back a short buzz cut. Apply lots of texturizer cream at the top and use your fingers to create a disheveled yet cool look. Tease the hair at the front by sweeping to one side and add platinum highlights to upgrade your natural blonde hair.

#10 Raked Sweeping Comb Over with High Tapered Fade

Raked Sweeping Comb Over haircut
Begin this style with a deep side part followed with a high tapered fade on the sides. Apply pomade cream to the longer top and work it gently and deep into the hair. Use a comb to comb it from the part line to the opposite side. Ensure that it sweeps to one side and away from the face.

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