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#6 Taper Haircut With Skin Fade

Skin Fade Crew Cut

Taper hairstyles are convenient and even more so when the taper starts at the crown of the head. Your crew cut hairstyle will stand out if the sides are faded to the skin. This will give you time to grow the top part of your hair.

This is a simple crew cut with short hair all over except at the front. It is easy to maintain and is great for men who want a modern looking crew cut fade style.

#7 High And Tight Crew Cut with Pinwheel Design

High And Tight Crew Cut with Pinwheel Design

A complicated and high-maintenance crew cut haircut, this high and tight style is mixed with a pinwheel design shaved into the sides of the head.

#8 Wavy Temple Fade Haircut

Wavy Temple Fade Haircut

In this style, the hair at the side is not shaved to the scalp and offers a professional look. Hair at the top of the head is slightly longer. The hairline has clean, sharp edges.

#9 Side Swept with Side Part and Low Fade

Comb Over with Low Fade

This one is another side swept hairstyle with a low fade. Although this crew cut haircut is not a military-style crew cut, it was styled forward and to the right from the crown to give it a crisp look.

Men with thinning hair can pull this look off with ease because it creates an illusion of fullness and texture. As expected with this types of hairstyle, add some medium hold hair product before sweeping it from left to right.

#10 Crew Cut With Deep Side Part

Disconnected Undercut with Razor Line

Getting a short military haircut is a low maintenance and perfect for all types of hair and facial contours. It’s the ideal wash-and go hairstyle that just needs daily washing and occasional brushing. Excellent for active and busy men who don’t want to fuss with their hair every day. This cut features a deep side part with high faded sides that makes this style more convenient for any man.

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