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The drop fade haircut is a modern version of the popular classic fade. Just like the name implies, the drop fade haircut is cut low behind the ears, creating a taper fade. The curved shape gives the hairstyle an even and natural look. If you want a stylish haircut and fade, then check out the below collection of cool drop fade haircuts.

#1 Medium Fade Spiky Quiff

Drop Fade with Spiky Quiff

A haircut that is cool and chill is one that is comb hair up and does not require so much effort to maintain. This spiky comb-out can work with straight hair or can be a fade with a curly top. The edgy look on top can be achieved by running your hands through your hair after applying some hair product.

#2 High Drop Fade With Comb Back

High Drop Fade with Beard

A high fade haircut is convenient because it is great at keeping hair out of men’s faces. At the top of this haircut is medium length hair, combed back for comfort as well as looks. The high fade on the sides tapers off to a medium fade at the back.

#3 Drop Fade With Waves

Drop Fade With Waves

If you have wavy hair, then a drop fade with waves could be a good choice for you. Cut your natural waves short enough, so it stands upright and mixes it up with a discrete side part, a high or low drop fade.

#4 Deep Parted Quiff

Quiff Haircut with Drop Fade

The quiff with medium drop fade is a classic haircut for men with thin or straight hair. The side part is deep and starts right at the temple. The quiff gives the hair volume and will require some light-hold hair product.

#5 Low Fade Comb Over

Low Drop Fade Comb Over

Getting the crown right is the most important part of any haircut. For most men, a comb over haircut will stand out no matter what hair product is used. Mix up a comb over with a drop fade, and you have a classic and fashionable look.

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