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#6 Double Dashed Faux Hawk with Undercut

Double Dashed Faux Hawk hairstyle

As far as modern haircuts go, this one stands out every time. The double dashed cut is stylish, and the angle of the second dash is what give this style character. The top of the hair is styled into a quiff, and the sideburns fade nicely.

#7 Mid Length Pompadour Haircut

Mid Length Pompadour haircut

For a formal look that is modern and cool, try a taper on the sides and mid length hair on top. This look works well with a light hold pomade and air drying.

#8 Tousled Side Swept Layered Haircut

Tousled Side Swept Layered hair

Cut in layers this style will give you a boyish and laid back look. This suave and debonair style can only be achieved by a tousled look that is effortless and trendy. For better results, blow dry your hair after washing instead of air drying it. Works best if you have a full head of hair.

#9 Swept Back Hair with High Taper Fade

Swept Back Hairstyle

Mid length hair with an undercut is a great modern look for guys because nothing says trendy like an undercut. Pair his look with a clean short beard to make it casual or formal.

#10 Brushed Up Hair with Waves and Low Fade

Brushed Up Haircut

Combine a classic and contemporary style with a Low Fade. You don’t have to cut the sides this low. Choose a length for the back and sides that bring out your best features and style with a medium hold gel to keep the hair in place.

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