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#6 Quiff with Geometric Drop Fade

A bold pompadour fade haircut, this style is all about sharp lines and shapes. The drop fade angles around the ear and the side part is emphasized. The front of the hairline is slightly edged to create a unique border. The beard echoes the curves and lines in the haircut.

Faux Hawk with Deep Part and Pompadour

#7 Quiff with Low Fade

Soft and textured at the same time, this haircut is meant for the fearless gentleman who is looking for a stand-out haircut. Textured top and medium top pompadour are flattering for every man, regardless of the face form or hair type.

Deep Parted Quiff with Drop Fade

#8 Pompadour with Taper Fade

This pompadour fade tapers tightly to the back of the crown, where it meets a longer layer. This longer layer lays flat at the crown and creates an illusion of a longer faux hawk. The top hair is styled loosely and brushed upward for maximum height.

Layered Pompadour with Taper Fade

#9 Pompadour Fade with Side Part

With a great texture enhanced by highlights, this side-combed pompadour is exactly what you need to stay sharp and trendy. Your natural hair color will do just fine too, but you will need some light-hold hair product to maintain the look. A dollop of pomade and air drying will help you achieve this look.

Pompadour Fade with Comb Over and Drop Fade

#10 Layered Pompadour with Undercut

This striking style relies on hard parts. Longer, blunt cut layers are combed down on the sides while the middle section is styled up and over. A buzzed undercut can be seen above the ears. The overall look has a blunt, fashion-forward appearance.

Pompadour with disconnected Undercut and Beard

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