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Man bun undercut has become a trendy hairstyle for so many young guys. This hybrid hairstyle is a blend of the slicked back undercut and regular man bun. It comes in many different variations. Some choose to sport a fade on the sides while others prefer settling for the buzzed undercut. A man-bun undercut is often reserved for those with medium to long hair. Let’s look at 29 inspirational ideas to get you started.

Braided Mohawk with Man Bun Undercut

Braided Man Bun Undercut hairstyle

Start this style by sporting a long buzzed undercut that sits high on the sides. Let the buzz undercut extend to the nape and give the long hair along the center a blowout. Start braiding from the front to the back and tie into a knot bun at the crown. This hairstyle is ideal for those with medium to long hair and might do well with some light texture on the undercut sides.

Skin Fade Slick Back with High Man Bun

skin fade man bun hairstyle

Go for a blurred high skin fade to give the sides that dramatic touch. Let the skin fade sit both on the sides and back. Give the long top hair a blowout texture and add some hair cream to give it that shiny look. Proceed with a nice and smooth slick back and hold into a ponytail at the crown. Fold down the ponytail at the middle and tie into a bun secured with a rubber band. This style is great for those with medium hair.

High Buzzed Undercut with Top Knot Man Bun

Top Knot Man Bun hairstyle

Make this style look cool by starting with a light texture to your dark brown hair. Give the sides that cool high buzz undercuts letting it connect to the beard line. Give the top a pull towards the back ensuring not to leave loose strands at the front. Position into a ponytail at the crown and tie into a short bun. Pull loose some few strands for extra touch up. This style looks cool for those with thick medium hair.

Messy Textured Man Bun

Messy Textured Man Bun hairstyle

Settle for a messy yet cool styling that will let you steal the show with ease. Start off with some texture and make it more on the sides. Give the hair a comb part to isolate the top and proceed to sport a messy tapered undercut that connects to the beard line. Go for a ranked textured look at the top and pull towards the back to tie into a messy bun that’s given a chop at the tips. This hairstyle suits those with medium thick hair.

 Top Knot Man Bun with Drop Undercut

Top Knot Man Bun hairstyle

Go for a drop side part on either side letting them dip sharply towards the back. Let the part lines merge to isolate the hair at the top. Sport a light texture to the hair below the part line and give it an undercut that sports a zero temple fade. Texture the long top and add some hair cream. Pull it from the back and front letting the strands merge at the middle. Tie into a knotted bun using the extra length. This is a hairstyle for those with medium hair.

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