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#6 Quiff Undercut with Drop Fade

Quiff Haircut with Drop Fade

Textured men’s hairstyles always stand out, but when combined with an undercut, it stands out even more. Some hairstylists know how to undercut and quiff hair to perfection. The key is to make the top section longer so that you can brush it to the side, or to the back. Maintaining this look requires some medium hold gel to keep the hair texture intact.

#7 Comb Over with Low Fade Undercut

Comb Over with Low Fade Undercut

This undercut style is cut in layers and looks great when it is styled to the side. The best way to sculpt this comb over is to use some wax and a blow dryer to achieve the textured volume. The sides start with a taper fade and progress to a bald fade.

#8 High Pompadour with Undercut Fade

Pompadour Quiff with Undercut Fade

This spectacular pompadour is perfect for all fashion-forward men. Combine this undercut fade with full hair to create an eye-catching, modern look. Because a pompadour can elongate the shape of a man’s head, this haircut is best reserved for men with round shaped faces. Hair gel is necessary to keep this pomp firm.

#9 Quiff With Undercut Fade

Swept Up Haircut with Fade

A tousled quiff is not something you see every day. This low fade haircut is bound to be your favorite new style for a casual laid-back look. All you need is a basic undercut fade and a choppy cut on the top styled into a quiff. Of course, you can wear a tidy version of this style, just use a comb for a smooth result. The look is also easy to maintain, use a dollop of pomade and apply to your hair before drying.

#10 Textured Haircut with Undercut Fade

Comb Over with Razor Fade

If your personal style is “sharp” and “svelte”, then this look will be great for you and is how to undercut and texture medium length hair. Sophisticated and simple, yet modern and edgy, this style will look good for casual occasions. It’s also the best for guys who like the pompadour, but don’t have the volume to pull it off. Add some hair product to style this hair and keep it in place.

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