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#6 Textured Crew Cut With Low Fade

Textured Crew Cut Fade

This forward-cut crew looks like an army crew cut but with longer textured hair on top. All hair types can pull off this style, whether you have wavy or straight hair. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair “forward” so the finished look frames your forehead and emphasizes your face and style.

#7 Pompadour Undercut With Part

Pompadour with Part and Drop Fade

Cutting crew haircuts with a pompadour have a youthful charm and will suit any type of facial shape. This haircut is trendy, with a subtle effect that balances the serious look of a military cut. The cut is easy to maintain and style. You simply need to wash your hair with a conditioner, brush, and style the hair with pomade.

#8 Curly Crew Cut Fade

Crew Cut Fade with Skin Fade

This is ideal for those with coarse or curly hair. The curly crew cut is impeccably tight on the sides, and still very short on top to ensure that everything stays in place.

#9 Textured Comb Over

High and Tight Comb Over

The contrast crew cut is excellent for those really wanting to make a statement and is great for straight, wavy, or curly hair. Ask to keep the sides very tight and short and the top long.

#10 Textured Quiff With Faded Sides

Temple Fade Widow's Peak

Quiffs go well with a lineup and crew cut fade. The style in the picture features short layers, forward brushed hair for a sculpted look and faded sides. This quiff haircut does not go overboard, so you won’t need too much hair products to maintain the look.

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