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#6 Wavy Hair High and Tight Fade

High and Tight Fade with Temple Fade

This haircut is perfect for men with medium length hair and no desire for a military look. The hairstyle can easily be created with the help of some hair pomade and natural waves. The top hair is cut to an average length of about 2 inches and the sides cut down to a low fade.

#7 Textured High and Tight Buzz

Crew Cut with Long Front

This could have been a classic high and tight haircut if there was no texturizer. The high fade and all-around crew cut have a unique front hair texture. It takes about 5 minutes to style this haircut and it will last at least a week with proper care. No hassle, just brushing and hair gel.

#8 High and Tight with Razor Fade

Curly High and Tight Fade

If you have kinky afro hair, you might be tired of managing it and could be looking for a way out. A simple high and tight haircut is a great choice for your hair type. Leave some hair on top to make the haircut look even more special and fade the sides and back to the skin. All you need is a hairbrush to keep this style looking good always.

#9 Spikes with High and Tight Fade

Spiky Brushed Up Haircut with Skin Fade

Some high and tight haircuts can have an Ivy League look. If you want that look while also ridding yourself of any maintenance hassles, then try a short high and tight fade. Leave your hair very short by the sides and back and make a neat spike on top. This is a good hairstyle for any age and easy to manage too. Just add some hair product to damp hair and air dry before brushing.

#10 Quiff with Taper Fade

Temple Fade Cropped Haircut

Want to diversify your short taper fade? Add a quiff. It is very easy to style and will take just a few minutes. Brush your hair from the crown to the front, then comb the front hair upwards into a simple quiff. Spray on some styling product to keep the quiff stiff and make it stay in place and voila!

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