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#6 Classic Side Part

Textured Side Part - haircuts for little boys

Some little boy haircuts can reveal the inner-adult in a toddler. A short razor cut looks mature with a taper fade on the sides. He will not get any hair on his face when he runs amok and will look the part if you have to entertain.

#7 Faux Hawk with Two Deep Part

little boy haircuts - Faux Hawk with Two Deep Part

Not for the faint of heart, this cut offers style and pizazz. Style the faux hawk into a point for maximum impact. The sides bear a shaved design that calls attention to the trimmed edges. Little boy haircuts get a boost from this edgy style.

#8 Curly High Top with Temple Fade

little boy haircuts - Curly High Top with Temple Fade

There is nothing cuter than a dapper little dude! The tidy and clean look of this tinted afro curls will stay this way for long. All you need are quality products to keep his natural hair looking neat all the time.

#9 Spiky Haircut For Toddler Boys

Spiky Haircut For Little Boys

If only he is old enough to check out this amazing haircut! Spiky little boy haircuts look natural and perfectly in place. The edgy look is no accident and was styled to give him that cool, rascally look that many grownups strive for.

#10 Classic Flat Top

little boy haircuts - Classic Flat Top

Though nothing to frown about, this cut is convenient and keeps boys looking tidy. Shave the sides very short and cut longer hair on top all to one length. The boxy edges keep everything neat. Best of all, this cut requires little styling and maintenance.

#11 Spiky Quiff and Drop Fade

little boy haircuts - Spiky Quiff and Drop Fade

As far as little boy haircuts go, this is a new take on combining hair texture and a quiff. The drop fade on the side is adorable and accentuates the quality of the top hair. Mum or dad will need to spend a little time on this look using some hair gel and a hand dryer.

#12 Full Long Fringe

little boy haircuts - Full Long Fringe

Always a classic, front fringe makes daily styling a cinch. Because it does not require any special styling products, this haircut is one of the most popular little boy haircuts. In addition, it works great with straight or fine hair. Simply comb and go!

#13 Side Combed Hair With Part and Fade

toddler boy haircuts - Side Combed Hair With Part and Fade

When styling little boy haircuts, a side comb is more realistic and creates fewer hassles for the little man; especially during playtime. The hair looks perfect with a deep part and lineup. It will require a bit of maintenance but can be held in place with some hair gel.

#14 Faux Hawk with Part

cute little boy haircuts - Faux Hawk with Part

Style hair straight up for emphasis. However, regular trims are advised for this look.

#15 Fringe and Taper Fade

cute little boy haircuts - Fringe and Taper Fade

Cute as a button is what comes to mind! The fringe on this haircut is unobtrusively placed above the eyes. From the crown to the front of the hair you can see the layered cut, while the sides are cut down to a low fade. You will need some hair product to keep the hair in place.

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